Allosaurus dinosaur


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Build your own dinosaur land with these fantastic Bullyland dinosaur toys. Great for creative, imaginative and fun play or to collect and display in your room...

Lenght: 29,5 cm
By Bullyland

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Interesting facts:(Upper Jurassic period, 145 million years ago) The Allosaurus had an impressive head size of up to 90 cm with huge jaws filled with dagger-like curved, pointed and sharp teeth. It also had a bony protrusion over the eye orbits. Its hind legs were powerful, but it had small front limbs. However, these were not as small as those of the Upper Cretaceous Tyrannosaurus. Three fingers of the "hands" had curved claws. Its weight would not allow it to capture faster animals. The first remains of this dinosaur, a piece of tail vertebrae, were excavated in 1869 in the U.S. State of Colorado..