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Build your own dinosaur land with these fantastic Bullyland dinosaur toys. Great for creative, imaginative and fun play or to collect and display in your room...

Lenght: 23 cm
By Bullyland

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Europasaurus lived in the White Jurassic period about 155 million years ago. It belonged to the herbivorous Sauropods, but in contrast to its oversized relatives, was not more than 8 meters long and 5 tons heavy. It is the smallest known of the Sauropods. The reason for its short stature: the Europasaurus lived on an island in the Jurassic sea, where smaller beasts that needed less food had better chances of survival. Like its larger relatives, Europasaurus had a small head, a long neck, a whip-like tail and elephantine legs. So far, at least 11 Europasaurus skeletons have been found near Goslar, including juveniles.