Bird Cage Mobile - Black


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Beautifully handmade mini bird cage in black with 1 bird made of black cotton fabric and white stitched details. Includes a satin ribbon for easy hanging from ceiling, hook or in your baby canopy. Dimension: approx. 6"/6" Handmade in Brooklyn New York, one of a kind.

SKU: TM.BC.0001
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Tamar Mogendorff is an artist and designer residing in Brooklyn, New York. Tamar’s one-of-a-kind "soft sculptures" have inspired fantasy narratives for children and an aesthetic appreciation for adults. Tamar’s unique style of reinterpreting natural subjects with an artistic hand gained the attention of collectors, interior designers and boutiques.

All products are handmade, so one of a kind. Therefore each item can differ slightly from what you see on the picture.