Silver Unicorn Bracelet


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"The only thing predictable in life is it's unpredictability."

Inspired by the creativity and spirit of children, Sam en Haas strives to make jewelry pieces appealing to children and their loved ones. With all objects working, Sam en Haas is the most unique and honest jewelry line available wearable for children and parents alike. The Blue Unicorn bracelet is made of ethically sourced silver with black diamond eyes and a cotton tail. The band is made of blue string and is easily adjusted in size. Every Sam & Haas piece is made of sustainably sourced silver and gold, meaning that it is mined under good conditions, providing for the miners and taking care of the environment.

Sustainable silver and black diamond eyes
Color: Bright blue, also available in bright green color
One size fits all
By Sam & Haas - Bibi van der Velden Wearable Works of Art

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Sam & Haas was launched by Dutch actresses Katja Schuurman and Tara Elders and sculptor and jewelry designer Bibi van der Velden. Inspired through the purity and goodness of their daughters Sammie, Hazel and Charlie de Haas they created a line of fairtrade jewelry for children and parents alike. Carrying the foundation of their inspiration through to reality, all the jewelry is made using pure material; these being ethically sourced gold and certified silver. Sam & Haas is the first brand to bring jewelry made of fairtrade silver to the Dutch market. The playful objects which were used as the basis of the designs evoke the curiosity and investigative nature of a child. The three mothers found it necessary to create something of sentimental value which can ultimately contribute to further generations. A world in which the contact between parent and child is parallel to the connection between people and the environment. This nostalgic sentimental value is captured in a playful manner through the gift of distinctly uplifting jewelry.