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Hvid Titi pacifier holder Mustard

€ 22,00

Quick Overview

Titi pacifier holder mustard. Made out of 100% supersoft merinowool. Merinowol doesn't itch and is antibacterial and therefor perfect for kids with eczema or sensitive skin.
The knitting process is with the machine, finishings by hand. Made in Belgium.

One Size
Available in different colors
Quality: 100% merino wool
Washing: machine: ONLY COLD WOOLWASH, low speed, no tumble dry OR wash by hand (cold)

By Hvid


Immerse yourself in the warm luxury of our soft knitted goods. From day one, we aim to create long-lasting quality textiles, made only from natural fibres by artisans located in Belgium. Our timeless designs feel at home everywhere and ask to be touched. Our goal is to ethically create quality-made goods. Pure and kind. Our textiles bring a luxurious softness into your daily life. A delicate touch after a hard day’s work, a warm embrace on a winter’s eve or a soothing nest for your little one. We use 100% Merino wool because it’s comforting and will last a lifetime. You might even want to pass on your beloved blanket, when your daughter leaves the house or when a special friend moves abroad. After a while, your Hvid favourite will be coloured with memories.

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