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Changing pads and covers

Dressing pads and covers in beautiful colors for your baby. A changing pad is not only functional, but can also look beautiful. Our wide range varies from changing mats, changing mat covers and changes of rattan, large and small. For along the way we have several mats in different prints from Garbo & Friends. Would you rather be a basic color without prints? Then choose one of the Numero 74 shelving mats, available in multiple colors.
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  1. Olli Ella

    Reva Changing Basket

    Now Only €43.00 Regular Price €85.00
  2. Garbo&friends

    Woodlands Change to GO

  3. Garbo&friends

    Cherrie Blossom Change to GO

  4. Garbo&friends

    Clover changing mat cover

  5. Garbo&friends

    Royal Cress changing mat cover

  6. Garbo&friends

    Imperial Cress Change to GO

  7. Garbo&friends

    Hay muslin changing mat cover

  8. Garbo&friends

    Botany Change to GO

  9. Garbo&friends

    Floral Moss Change to GO

  10. an.nur

    Mini mat in Oatmeal

  11. an.nur

    Mini etui in Navy

  12. Garbo&friends

    Fauna Change to GO

  13. Garbo&friends

    Floral Vine Changing Mat Cover

  14. Garbo&friends

    Floral Vine Change to GO

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