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Blanket Anita - Grey

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Blanket Anita from Hvid. Soft knitted blanket made of the finest 100% merino wool. Merinowool doesn't itch and is antibacterial and thereforee perfect for kids with eczema or sensitive skin
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Brand Hvid
Dimensions 70 x 95 cm
Material 100% merino wool
Care instructions It’s not necessary to wash merino wool frequently. This fiber is self cleaning because of the lanolin. It’s perfect to just air out at dawn or let air in the bathroom during or after shower. The moist air cleanses your products.
Care instructions Wash by hand with lukewarm water (30º) with a few drops of an (organic) wool soap. Don’t soak! Rinse with same water temperature. Avoid twisting or squeezing, dry flat. Wash carefully! Wool reacts to difference in temperature and rubbing.