Cradle including mattress

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With a little push, the Leander cradle will swing back and forth and the child experiences the familiar, rocking feeling of being in the mothers womb. The cradle is fastened in a one-point suspension, which provides smooth movements in all directions. The cradle oval shape encloses the child and provides tranquillity and security.The cold foam mattress matches the cradle oval shape and ensures optimum comfort and ventilation for your child.
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Brand Leander
Dimensions Cradle Size: H: 30 cm, W: 50 cm, L: 83 cm
Material 100% cotton
Age From 0 to 6 months
Extra note The cradle includes a ceiling hook and a cold foam mattress. Can be suspended either in the stand or from the ceiling. Easy to move from room to room, if you have extra hooks
Delivery information Delivery time: 2-3 weeks