Layla Cremer with Nina Pierson

Layla Cremer is a postpartum practitioner and a baby whisperer. She gives treatments at home to support the newborn mom in her healing process after giving birth.

Can you tell me about yourself and your business as a baby whisperer?
Over the last 15 years, I have specialized in comforting babies, toddlers, and older children who are facing difficulties. For example, children of a certain age who are consistently crying, unable to sleep well, or difficult to handle. If you no longer know how to help your baby or child, I can take a look at a
soul level to address the core of the problem.

How did motherhood change your life?
The big responsibility for a small human being turned my life 180 degrees. I
was no longer in control of my own life but had to take care of another human being too. This changed the way I made decisions in life; from now on, all the choices I make in my life will affect the path of my child too. Now and in the future.

What is one thing you hope to teach your children?
Never give up. Anything is possible if you put your heart and soul into it.

What has been the biggest learning curve as a mother?
Not everything is about cloud nine. It's HARD WORK! Your heart explodes with love but on the other side, it can be very difficult. These mixed feelings appear in one hour. It's better to have fewer expectations; children have their own life lessons to lead and learn. Never give up. Anything is possible if you put your heart and soul into it.

What is your best piece of advice for new moms? 
Slow down and take your time raising your kids. Trust your gut-feeling. Advice is welcome but a mother knows and understands her own child best.

You also help women after giving birth (postpartum treatments), can you tell us a little bit more about this? And why is this so important?
In a nutshell, I help newborn mothers to return to their bodies after giving
birth. Giving birth to your child is a unique experience. I encourage mothers to talk about the delivery, they share their thoughts and experience. To me, they are a source of inspiration and guide me during the process of uniting their physical and emotional self.

With the different treatments (which find their origin in Asia) I support the
newborn mama's in their physical and emotional healing process after giving birth. Nowadays, people are more baby minded and it feels like the wellbeing of mothers comes second. We need to turn this around for a happy, healthy, and strong mama who can take good care of her baby. That's all that matters for a mom and her newborn baby.

Now, many pregnant women face a difficult time with the coronavirus. Do you have any advice for them? 
Start preparing yourself for the postpartum period (4th trimester). For
example, what kind of food should you eat after giving birth? The answer is
mainly warm dishes like soups and stews to help you in your recovery. Pack your freezer with healthy prepared meals. It can be helpful to ask friends and family for a little helping hand with your laundry or cooking. 

Read books like 'the first 40 days' or 'Mama-en' by Nina Pierson where you can find loads of information and tips on how to prepare yourself for the 4th trimester

'Talk to your baby. Tell him or her how you're feeling, what is happening. You're a team and you are doing this together' - Layla

Do you think pregnant women can already do something during the
pregnancy to make it more joyful, despite the fears?

Talk to your baby. Tell him or her how you're feeling, what is happening.
You're a team and you are doing this together. See and feel how your baby
responds when you're talking to your little one. Maybe the baby will start
moving around in the belly, you experience a subconscious feeling or you will have special dreams where you meet your little baby. 

Do you notice an increase in customer demand, now many women need to prepare for a home birth?
No, not since the government implied the recent measures. But there are still ways to support a mother even if we can't have physical contact. For example, for the yoni steam is no physical contact required.

You also wrote a book ('Wil jij mijn mama zijn?') about babies choosing their parents. Can you give me some insights about this vision? And where can we buy it?
I believe that the babies' soul on the way wants
to announce its presence to its parents. Babies try to reach out to their parents in announcement dreams, by certain intuitions as well as a deep
subconsciousness. In my book (Dutch only), I relive my pregnancies and the
delightful meetings with my babies on the way. It is a feelgood collection of
stories and anecdotes with a compelling message. It's for sale on my website